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Feel free to book a complimentary consultation for any of the provided services


For cancellations, please allow for at least 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees


shampoo and blowout included

Haircut                             $50+

Barber cut                       $27+

Blow Out                          $28+

Curl Out                           $15+


shampoo and blowout included

New growth                     $60         

Full Color                         $85+

Partial Highlight              $70+

Full Highlight                   $90+

Combed Highlights         $30+

Single Foils                      $7+

Full Gloss.                        $60+

Toning Gloss                    $30+

Express Color                  $45+

Please note that all color services are based on a standard amount of color.  Price may increase with length and density.  Also note that MOST highlight services require a gloss to achieve the desired tone.


does NOT include blowout

Botanical Hair Repair           $20+    Nutriplenish Hydration        $20+          Scalp Balancing                    $25+

Hair Detoxifying                   $35+  

Mask Treatment                   $7+                  

Special Event Styling

does NOT include blowout

Bridal Hair.                        $100+

Half Up                              $65+

Full Up                               $80+

Event Curl                           $35


Corrective Color

consultation REQUIRED


Per Hour                            $125+

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